Presiding ArchBishop Dr. Elijah Ajoseh

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ArchBishop Dr. Elijah is the Founder and Senior Arch Bishop of Life Abundant Covenant Church of God in Marietta, Georgia.  His congregation is proud to say that his leadership and guidance has truly blessed the lives of their families and  their Christian walk.


ArchBishop Elijah Ajoseh was born in Lagos, Nigeria. He has served in several ministries, building and developing churches all over the world. ArchBishop Elijah Ajoseh is a doctoral degree holder as a certified  Psychologist, Theologian and Professor of Biblical Studies and Ministry. He is a dynamic father who empowers his children to abide in the Word of God.


ArchBishop Ajoseh's dedication and commitment to serving God has reached people in all areas worldwide for several decades. From Nigeria, Ghana, Brazil, London, Asia, and here in the United States. God has used Bishop Dr. Elijah Ajoseh to touch many lives and heal hearts. From age 5, the Lord has called him into ministry where he began the greatest commission, evangelism.


Bishop Dr. Elijah Ajoseh is a man of many talents. He is annointed with the gift of prophecy through which God has used him to bless many people worldwide. Bishop also has a gift of writing and we are proud to introduce his original, self published titles: Fasting from Negative Thinking, The Man Elijah, God Will Not Forget You Nor Forsake You, Doubt vs. Faith, How to Turn to God When life is Upside Down, and more. These book have reached many all over the United States from Louisiana, New York, Florida, over seas and here in Atlanta. The power of the message of these books will edify your life and your destiny!


The teachings of Bishop Dr. Elijah Ajoseh are in depth and powerful. They will minister and speak life changing words to your spirit. Bishop Dr. Elijah continues to reach the world with the gospel of Jesus Christ. His ministry and legacy is embraced and appreciated for his work for the advancement of God’s Kingdom.