Come and join us! Here at Life Abundant Covenant Church of God we are dedicated to serving God through our Ministries in the calling that God has placed us to serve!

Serves to reach out by spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ through outreach.
*Intercessory Prayer:
Agrees in prayer together  every Saturday at 1pm.
*Pastoral Care:
Supports and aides Bishop through serving and catering to what the Bishop needs.
*Usher Ministry:
Serves to welcome and direct the congregation
*Dance Ministry:
Dance through liturgical worship and praises to God.
Practice is every other Thursday at 6:45p.m.
Joins together in song to sing praises to God through worship and praise.
*T-Shirt Ministry:
This ministry works to share and promote our church and biblical messages through T-shirts.
*Book Ministry: 
Helps promote and support books written and published by our own, Dr. Elijah Ajoseh.
*Children's/ Youth Minisitry: Develops youth with the fear of God through Biblical studies, activities, lessons and programs.
*Medi/ A.V.:
Films and records church services. Assists with the technical and audio devices in the church.
*Women's Ministry:
This Ministry encourages and inspires the women of the church through fellowship and Biblical studies. Coming soon...
To Join Any of Our Ministries contact: